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Cheap Elliptical Machines – Finding High Quality Inexpensive Elliptical Trainers

There are elliptical trainers out there that retail for over ten thousand dollars. Chances are, you’re one of the many who might have a little trouble making this fit into your budget. The at home exercise equipment industry is no exception to the rule, you get what you pay for. Usually, the more expensive a piece of exercise equipment is, the better it is. This is usually true for ellipticals, but there are exceptions. You can find cheap elliptical machines that perform well and are durable.

amazing selling machine reviews 2018

Below are the three best cheap ellipticals on the market, according to customer reviews and reviews done by experts in the fitness equipment industry.

1) The Gazelle Edge. This piece of equipment has been on the best selling list for a couple of years in a row. On average, it retails for just over one hundred dollars. It receives very high ratings from both consumers and expert reviewers. It has features like a 5 function console, wide non slip foot platforms, and is made of one and a half inch gauge steel. Reportedly, it is structurally sound and moves smoothly for a very low impact workout.

2) The Stamina 1772 Magnetic Elliptical. We had a hard time finding any significant negative reports on this machine. Stamina is a well respected manufacturer and this unit has reportedly lived up to this reputation. It retails for around $280. The frame is solid, comes with leveling stabilizer caps and a three year warranty. The magnetic resistance is quiet, smooth and very easily adjustable.

3) The Image 7.8. This machine retails for just about three hundred dollars. The most surprising aspect of this machine is the amount and quality of features that come with it. It contains several features that are usually reserved for higher priced models. It sells very well, but should be noted that there are some customer reports complaining that it doesn’t support heavier people very well

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