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Save Money and Time With CD-DVD Duplication

Technology has been flourishing in recent years, perhaps due to the immense growth of the Internet. Many service providers such as DVD duplication services have emerged. To the consumer, this is great news, for these service providers offer excellent services at reasonable prices.


The traditional way of sourcing for reliable DVD replicators is no longer practical. People used to source for quotations the slow way, using contacts from trade or industry directories. This process is slow and cumbersome. On the Internet, everything moves at unbelievable speed. You will be able to contact various vendors, and have your deal firmed up in a matter of hours.

The primary reason why you should look into DVD duplication services is because it helps to save time and money. If you have ever tried duplicating CDs or DVDs at home, you know that the process can take a long time. Imagine having to copy the content from one disc to another. If you need anything more than 50 copies, you will surely need professional help. Besides, the professionals can do a much better job at making duplicates. The quality is so good that you may not even be able to tell the difference between copy and original!

Such services divide their offers into two broad categories – short run duplication, or large run replication. Short run means you need a smaller number of copies (usually below 500). The entire order can be filled much faster, and the price per copy is definitely cheaper than what you pay Printing Services in Vietnam for if you attempt to do this by yourself. If you are a product publisher with a small customer base, this is the perfect package for you.

The other service, which is the large run replication service, is for larger orders (usually above 1000 pieces). The order may take a little longer to fill since it involves more copies. But the price per unit is lower because of the volume. This service is ideal for publishers with a larger customer base. With a lower cost per unit price, the margins are higher and publishers can enjoy more profits.

In addition, professional service providers also offer value added services such as design and printing, audio mastering, and DVD authoring. That means you don’t have to lift a finger to do the “grunt work”. Leave it to the professionals. They have the expertise and the experience to ensure that your project turns out to be a huge success.

Try to spend more time on the design and printing aspect. The packaging is important because it helps with your marketing. Your goal is to do such a good job that your customers remember the work that you have done. For sure, you don’t want them to remember you for shoddy work. So make sure that the design looks clean and professional. The marketing experts call this “branding”.

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